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The first day: 16th-October, 2018
8h - 8h15Professor Quoc Anh, the director of Bachmai hospital, has a short speech and declare the open of the meeting.PGS. TS NGUYỄN QUỐC ANH, Director
8h15 - 8h30Dialysis in Vietnam: Choices, Advantages, and Disadvantages. Present and Future.NGUYỄN HỮU DŨNG PhD, M.D
8h30 - 9hVascular Access Overview in Vietnam-Past achievement and future challenges.. Dr. Dinh Duc LongĐINH ĐỨC LONG MD
9h-9h30Selection of vessels (both veins and arteries) for AVF by physical exam and Doppler mappingNGUYEN DANG VO MD
9h30 - 10hPrevention and Management of failure of AV fistula to mature -a nephrologist’s standpoint NGUYEN DANG VO MD
10h - 10h30Tips and tricks in creation of forearm arteriovenous fistulaeBOURQUELOT MD
10h30 - 11hTea brakeTea brake
11h - 11h30New technique and management of AVF and AVG for HDSHIHABARA MD
11h30 - 12hClinical monitoring of AVF functionNGUYEN DANG VO MD
12h - 12h15Ultrasound techniques and secretsTILLMAN ANN SOFIE, Ultrasound expertise
12h15 - 12h45AV fistula surgery for patients without adequate superficial veins: Lipectomy for cephalic vein, Transposition for Basilic, Brachial and Femoral veinsBOURQUELOT MD
12h15 - 13hLunch BoxLunch Box
13h - 13h30Angioplasty of AVF-Techniques and secretsProf. ARIF ASIF
13h30 - 14hLessons from the First 30 Angioplasties at Bach Mai: Challenges and Opportunities for the FutureDINH HUYNH LINH, MD
14h - 14h30Setting up a training program in Interventional NephrologyProf. ARIF ASIF
14h30 - 15hOrganization of a Vascular Access CenterProf. ARIF ASIF
15h - 15h30Vascular access and PTA-experience from JapanNAGANUMA MD
15h30 - 16hData collection and Quality control/ResearchProf. ARIF ASIF
18h30. 16/10/2018Gala dinnerGala dinner
The second day: 17th-October, 2018
Morning: 8h - 11hVascular access operation
Duplex ultrasound
Operation room, HD department, Bachmai hospital
Ultrasound unit, HD department, Bachmai hospital
Ann Sofie Tillman, Ultrsound expertise
Afternoon 14h - 16hPTA procedures
Duplex ultrasound (2)
(1)Cath Lab, Vietnam Heart Institute, BM hospital
(2) Ultrasound unit, HD department, Bachmai hospital
Naganuma, MD
Đinh Huỳnh Linh, MD
Ann Sofie Tillman, Ultrasound expertise